Investing into the next Generation…

We believe in the power of planting seeds in the next generation and creating engaging, creative spaces for kids to flourish in their unique identity in Jesus Christ. C3 Kids are sons and daughters of the King — every child has a hope and future and a powerful purpose to influence others.


Our team are passionate and enthusiastic about creating the best environment possible for your kids. We love seeing children engaged, and in awe of God’s wonder as they learn about who Jesus is and all that He has promised! Our kids programs are relevant and exciting set in a space that's safe for every child, where they can have a positive and fun church experience.

Safety is a priority in our Kids Church and all of our volunteers in children’s ministry have WWCC (Working With Children Check) certificates and we follow a strict child safety and protection process.


To make your first time experience nice and smooth we suggest pre-registering however you can also do this when you arrive.

On Sunday, you’ll go to the first-time check-in desk in our foyer, where you can tell us a little about your family. You and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code. You’ll need this sticker to pick up your child after the service. Our team will happily show you our C3kids area to help your family become familiar with how it looks and feels.

We worship together as a whole family, which is about 20 minutes, then we take a short break to send all the kids out for up to 45 minutes of fun!

We ask you to have your mobiles handy but on silent. If for any reason we need to reach you during the service, we will contact you.

Have the best time!

CRECHE 12 Months - 2 Years
We have a great space for toddlers, fully equipped with a variety of toys & books. Each week our volunteers serve to make sure your child is safe, learning about God and having fun!
SPROUTS Age 3 - Reception
Our Sprouts program is full of interactive activities, games & toys. Your child will love their time here learning more about Jesus through engaging story telling and media along with making some great friends!
JAMCITY Year 1 - 3 TREES Year 4 -5
Our team are passionate about creating a power packed programme that’s full of fun whilst empowering our kids to know Jesus personally. We also split into appropriate age groups for deeper discussion and prayer where relationships can grow.


We’ve created a warm, quiet space for mums to feed and settle your little ones. A microwave is provided along with a live feed to watch the service on screen.


If you have a heart to see kids grow and just love being round them, we would love to have you involved. Ask to speak to someone from the team to find out more. All you need is a current Working With Children’s Check along with some training.


Jesus was dedicated (set-apart) to God (Luke 2:22–40) when he was a child. We love celebrating life with young families! This is an amazing time when parents and family thank God for the precious gift of a child, by committing themselves to follow the Lord’s guidance in helping their child grow in their own faith, raising them in a home and church family centred on Jesus. Our team will also pray a blessing over you.

If you’re interested in having your child dedicated, please fill out the form below and our team will contact you with further details!

“It is the greatest JOY of my life to hear that my children are consistently living their lives int he ways of the truth!” 3 John 1:4


I’ve already had my child dedicated or christened at a different church. Is it ok for me to have them dedicated at C3?
Yes! Dedicating your child to God is also dedicating them into a local church community. Our heart is for your family to feel honored, supported and loved by community as your child is dedicated to growing up in this house!
Is there an age limit for dedications?
There is not a strict age limit. We dedicate newborn babies as well as primary age children, but for kids with appropriate maturity and spiritual growth, we encourage them to publicly declare their decision to follow Jesus through water baptism.
What if my child is interested in being baptised?

We love that! Water baptism is such a beautiful moment of declaration and commitment, and we want to ensure that our kids are intentional and prepared to own their decision to follow Jesus.

Everyone’s story is unique. So whether it’s age eight or eighteen, we are excited to celebrate this faith step for your child.

If your child is interested in baptism, we encourage you to go to our Jesus page!