In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths – Proverbs 3:6

Being generous is a form of worship that highlights the importance of God in our lives, even when it comes to our finances. When we give, we focus on making an eternal impact, rather than just temporary gains.

Giving online is the simplest way to give, however we have drop boxes available at our services if you prefer to give in person.


We give to God as an act of thankfulness and to acknowledge His importance in our lives. By giving back a portion of what we have, we honor God and prioritise His presence in our hearts and actions.

MAIN ACCOUNT (Tithes/Offerings/Donations or Other Payments)
Name of Account: C3OH Church
BSB: 065 000
Account Number: 1260 2448


Vision Builders is our way of making big things happen at C3. It’s the fund dedicated to building, missions, and expanding our reach. It’s all about stepping up with sacrificial generosity. This fund is our way of making a difference, not just in our church, but also in our community, our country, and even globally.

Name of Account:
C3OH Vision Builders
065 000
Account Number:
1262 1710


‘Vision Builders’ should be seen as giving an addition to the Tithe.

I am new to the church, should I be giving to Vision Builders? If so, why?

There is no pressure for anyone to give to Vision Builders, nor is there any minimum requirement. New people who would like to give are most welcome, as is anyone who finds that our vision resonates with them.

What if I can't fulfil my pledge?

Firstly, we encourage people to make realistic pledges. However, we understand that sometimes events happen, and for whatever reason people find difficulty in fulfilling their pledge within the timeframe. We suggest that you may still want to fulfill your pledge by breaking it down into smaller amounts over a longer period of time.

I am in Debt, should I pay this off or give to Vision Builders?

If you are in significant debt, paying this debt should be your first priority, along with your regular Tithe. Reducing the debt to a manageable amount (or even clearing it completely) should be attempted as you also make a manageable donation to Vision Builders. Remember no amount is insignificant.

How do funds get allocated?

Funds are spent in accordance with the initiatives presented on this website and may be updated during the year. All our accounts are independently audited annually to ensure compliance, and lodged with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.